Bill McChesney: A Lifetime of Running

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Record-holding Eugene runner, Bill McChesney, runs his fortieth Butte to Butte race in Eugene at age 87.

Fascination of the Bees: Honey Extraction

Honey extraction is an annual family celebration in the Turanski household. Their business, GloryBee, has been in the family for three generations. Each year, family and friends gather in the Turnski garage for a weekend, sharing the sweet treat of fresh blackberry honey.

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Aydian Dowling: Becoming the Ultimate Man

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Pony Club makes first appearance at Lane County Fair

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Samantha Harwood (left) mounts her horse, Faline. She and Megan Babb-Hackett, 11, exercise their horses after showing them at the Lane County Fair as part of the Hearts and Hooves Pony Club. As part of the club, the girls learn how to ride and care for their horses, who become their best friends. All of the Pony Club horses received ribbons at the fair on Wednesday, according to founder Marlis Moats. Moats began the Pony Club at Rockin' Double M Stables in September 2014 as an opportunity for young boys and girls – her grandchildren included – to bond with horses and find a positive focus in their lives.

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Young dancers experience a week of tiaras and sparkles at Fairy Princess dance camp

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Young Disney princess fanatics between the ages 4-7 participate in All That! Dance Company's week-long Fairy Princess dance camp.

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Oregon WWII Veterans Return Japanese Flags

World War II veterans Eldon Shields, Vern Thompson and Paul Boeger reflect on their journey to Tokyo for the 70th anniversary of the war to return 70 "good luck" flags to families of Japanese soldiers. (Julia Reihs / The Register-Guard)

Harry Pinsent erects 27-foot joint on top of his gift shop

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To celebrate the legalization of marijuana, Harry Pinsent built and erected a huge 27-foot joint on the roof of his gift shop in Sutherlin, Ore., the Magic Mushroom Lamp Company.

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Emerald City Roller Girls: Ready for Playoffs

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