NPR Music

I grew up in a house with a radio in every room, NPR playing somewhere at all times. The Car Talk Guys, Ari Shapiro, and Radiolab practically raised me. Also as a former piano player and swing dance fanatic, I couldn't have been happier to work for NPR's Jazz Night in America webcast in Washington, D.C. in Fall 2015. At NPR Music, I worked primarily with the Jazz Night webcast to film and edit biweekly webcasts, published on the Jazz Night website. The webcasts feature three documentary segments, interspersed with concert footage. I also filmed Tiny Desk Concerts every week. Here are a few highlights of work I contributed to during my experience at NPR.

Wayne Horvitz / Published Dec. 3rd 2015 / Script Writer, Lead Editor, Researcher

Arturo O'Farrill / Published Oct. 22nd, 2015 / Editor (section 3), Illustrator, Translator

Son Little / Tiny Desk Dec. 18, 2015 / Videographer

Andra Day / Tiny Desk Oct. 13, 2015 / Videographer

Oh Pep! / Tiny Desk Oct. 16, 2015 / Videographer

The Zombies / Nov. 4th, 2015 / Videographer